Day Fifteen – Miami to New Orleans
For the next few weeks I willl give you a lesson (for those that need it) in Blues speak. All the informationis taken from the excellent book ‘The Language of the Blues from Alcorub to Zuzu’ author Debra Devi
Canned Heat is obtained from the extraction of alchol from Sterno, Canned Heat cooking fuel. Listen to old blues songs such as ‘Canned Heat Blues’ also the name of course of blues boogie band ‘Canned Heat’

We caught a cab at 11 for the 15 minute drive to the Miami International Airport. It will be good to put down rots for the next three weeks and not have to repack the suitcase. The Miami Airport is huge, clean and looks real good with the sea life wall murals. We checked our bgs and then caught the sky train to our departure terminal. Kate is happy as we have found a cafe that has penne and bolognaise sauce.

The flight is a little over two hours although it was a little disconcerting when the pilot announced to buckle up early as the decent will be a little bumpy. We were to expect mild to severe turbulence due to thunderstorm activity over New Orleans. That description mild to severe leaves a lot in the middle. I glanced out the window and the cloud formation reminded me of big bags of fairy floss they were so thick. Luckily the said turbulence was on the mild side.
Once in the cab the heavens opened up with some very heavy rain. I had already told Kate to expect rain like this sometime during our stay but so early was a bummer. I am not confident that the French Quarter Music Festival will still be going. We are hoping to just drop our bags and head out to the music. The Festival is free with a dozen or so stages scattered throughout the French Quarter. Four days of music which started on Thursday (today being Friday) with start times around 11 and finish around 8:30.

We arrived out our apartment around 4:30. 1123 Bourbon St will be our home for the next 3 weeks. I have stayed here on two other occasions We are close to all the good thing the quarter has to offer and away from the debauchery of the top end of Bourbon St.
William our landlord greeted us like long lost friends as it was still raining we caught up on all the news. Fifteen minutes later with the rain all but stopped we headed out.

We headed to the big outdoor main stage on the banks of the Mississippi. We wanted to catch up with our friends Stew and Carol Sadowsky. Stew and Carol head the security crew. We are in look twofold. The stage crew are setting up the gear for the Irving Mayfield New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and we spotted our good friends. Hugs and kisses and introduction of Kate. It was good catching up. I also ran into Joey a New Orleans Police Officer while I was off getting us some drinks. He said he would come over and say hello to the girls.

The band started off with some Jazz numbers and throughout their performance bought up special guests. Joey came over and chatted for over an hour. Kate was excited to meet him and they talked about Tasers and guns and police enforcement in the States. He seemed impressed with her knowledge. ‘How do you ķnow much about Tasers’, he asked. Kate replied. ‘I watch a lot of real drama American cop shows.’ One of the special guests that Irving got up was the incredible drummer Stanton Moore from the band Galactic. I had my first groupie photo taken with Stanton when he came off stage. Stew has also allowed Wendy to go into the photography pit front of stage to take some great shots.

Time for another drink run. When I came back Kate was missing. I thought she had gone off somewhere by herself. Not to worry though as Wendy told me that Stew had taken her up on stage for a close up view. Stew then beckoned me up on stage and here was Kate sitting on a stool nearly close enough to touch the tuba player. For the last three songs Irving got up some members of a local rock band to sit in with the brass orchestra. Pretty cool to hear Led Zepplin songs with a full brass backing.
The last band for the night were New Orleans stalwarts Bonerama. They also invited up a special guest on trombone. A young boy of maybe ten who nailed his solo. They start ’em young in ‘awlins.

We wandered off to Canal Street. The French Quarter is locked in by Canal St (uptown), the Esplanade (downtown), Rampart St (back of town) and the Mississippi (front of town). It is important to know these descriptions as that is how the locals give directions.
I wanted to walk Kate down Bourbon St from Canal st to our apartment in the 11 hundred block. Again that is how you know where you are by the block description.  I.E. if the address on Bourbon is 953 then you are in the 9 hundred block. I think Kate got an idea of what Bourbon Street has to offer if you are in a party mood.

We were about to go past the Funky Pirate Tavern when I thought I heard a familiar voice. Yep. Bluesman ‘Big’ Al Carson was playing. We went in for a seat and sat up side of stage. Now I know that ‘Big’ Al likes to involve young pretty girls in his act. Sure enough just before the end of the set he pointed and winked at Kate and asked if she would help him out by taking the tip barrel around during thr break. She was too embarrassed to do so. He said ‘Come on ya’ll ya daddy will let ya.’ I offered up Wendy’s services but he politely moved on to another young woman.

We have only been in town a few hours and we are up and running. Sure is good to be back at my second home, ya’ll


New Orleans law enforcement and new recruit

Rob Rowe

3 thoughts on “Day Fifteen – Miami to New Orleans

  1. Wow. Now it’s getting exciting. Glad Kate is enjoying it. Not that she wouldn’t being with mum and dad.

    1. Hi Des, good to hear from you and know that you and Phoebe are reading the blog. Being rained on the last 4 days in NO but hopefully suppose to pick up for Jazz Fest. We are still trying to get out in between downpours. Hope you are well x

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