I woke and enjoyed a Bob Marley iced tea. No herbs but very nice indeed.

Kate has been panicking about getting our basketball tickets printed. She purchased them online before we left Oz. The receptionist at our hotel came to the rescue for us. One problem solved.

Only a short ten minute work to the bus terminal to get a bus down to where all the beautiful people like to be seen – South Beach Miami. We had no assistance whatsoever from a very unfriendly bus driver. The downtown area as is a lot of ‘downtowns’ in major cities are not the prettiest of sights. Once we crossed the bridge the scenes of huge luxury cruises moored along the river told you that this is the money end of town. One of the boat moorings was three times the size of the St Kilda marina. It is the Miami that we are all familiar with in all those T.V. shows.

We are off the bus at 11 o’clock and it is time to eat, I liked the look of a chicken place but Kate said it was to dirty. A few doors down a street spruiker invited us into Deco Sandwiches. Kate gave her approval and in we went. Good pick. A 10 inch Churassa sandwich and fries filled the spot and I will not have to eat again until tonight. Finally we found a Walgreens and werre able to get some medicine for Kate’s cold. She is battling on like a trooper but she has been very sick.

We hit the beach area at 12:15 and the beach stretchs on forever. Very clean sand with beautiful coloured water. Not much in the way of surf. It does put Surfers to shame. I had to put on my shades as there are a lot of good sights and I don’t want to look like a dirty old man.
We strolled down the sidewalk side of the beach where there are restaurants and cafes of all types. Seating is outdoors. I am starting to feel crook myself with a sore throat. The area is being transformed into a weekend gay pride event. Sure would be some sights but we will be leaving tommorow (Friday). English seems to be the second language down this way. I have read that Cuban and Haitian people make up a fair amount of the population.
We decided to have a cold drink at the ESPN sports bar. The waitresses are very easy on the eye and a little (cheeky) if you know what I mean. Bad luck for us as we got the only male waiter working the outdoor area.

I am now so tired that I can barely walk but it would not be fair to force the girls to go back so early. After all we only have this one full day in Miami.
Kate spotted a tatto shop ‘@ Oxygen Tattoo.’ Every block has a tatto parlour but this one is special. It appears regulary on a T.V. show and Kate watches it back home  We called in and she recognised the owner straight away. They got talking and he seemd pleased that she knew of his business. Both the owner and another aritst commented on how good the work was for her own tatts.

About 4 P.M. we lined up for the bus to downtown. Not a good time of day as a lot of local workers are heading home. I young guy offered me his seat. The first five rows of the bus are designated for the elderly and people with disabilities. Nice of him to do so but I declined the offer. A few stops down the road another older guy got on. There was a smug looking young guy sitting and he did not offer up his seat. A verbal stoush in Spanish errupted, In fact most of the elderly people up front ripped into this young guy in heated Spanish. He didn’t move.

We had a rest back at the hotel before heading out around 6ish for the Miami Heat game. A short 10 minute bus ride. Incredible stadium with a buzz like an AFLfinal. The Heat need to beat the Chicago Bulls to stay in the pennant race. They have not been the same team as last year after Lebron James left.
The pre-game hoopla is entertaing. Non stop music and commentary and the the team mascot was hilarious. Even when the game started the noise and music contiued with the crowd singing along and clapping and making as much noise as possible. It amazes me that the primadonna tennis players have to have complete silence just to hit a tennis ball. The Miami Heat dancers put on a good show. During one time out the young spunks were replaced by a grandmother troupe who danced and gyrated away as if they were still in there teens. I am hoping there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

The Heat was kicking arse and at half-time lead by 19 points 51 to 32. Looks like a blow-out and Kate is very happy. Guess what they got beat by 11 points. A 30 point turn around. Sort of like coming from10 goals down at half time at an AFL game.  Wendy and Kate know the feeling, just like Essesndon last week! Still it was great to see an NBA game for the first time.


Rob Rowe

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