Day Twenty Four – Quiet One

Blues Idiom – Dust My Broom – Sweeping the house after dark is still considered impolite in some African American families. The tradition comes from the West African belief that one should be careful not to accidently sweep out of the house any benevolent gods or ancestral spirits who have come in for the night to watch over a sleeping family and protect it from spirits. On the other hand, when you have evil spirits in the house sweeping them out can be very effective. According to hoodoo riddance rituals, dusting one’s broom first with magic powder will sweep a house free of unwanted super natural (and embodied!) house guests.

The girls slept in late. When they were up and about they decided to have a shopping day. Me I am going to stay in doors and catch up on some rest and the blog. I would not have let Wendy out by herself but I am confident that Kate will be able to keep them from getting lost. New Orleans weather has finally arrived. Clear blue sky, no rain and temperature on the rise.
Our neighbours have given us a heap of food, left over from their daughter’s wedding, which was nice of them.

I headed out for a very late breakfast at Envies. Roast beef panini and potato salad washed down with an iced mocha.

Pretty much for the rest of the day I just lazed about.

The girls were back around 5 and to my surprise they were not over burdened with shopping bags. Kate’s very good friend and fellow bar manager at the R.S.L. Helen, has a nice surprise coming.

Kate found a restaurant down on Decatur. Frank’s Italian which has a chicken parma on the menu. Frank’s is a second generation family business and although I have never eaten there it has a good reputation. We were shown to a second balcony dining area that afforded us a great view of Decatur’s passing foot and vehicle traffic. Very pleasant it was with a nice breeze and the music of a jazz band reaching our ears. Kate’s parma hit the spot, a huge chicken breast smothered in marinara (not seafood) sauce and nestled on a bed of angel hair pasta. I was not overly hungry and had the crab and corn bisque. Of course I did have a bit of room for a delicious desert of home-made cannoli

Rob Rowe

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