Day Twenty Five – Audobon Aquarium

Blues Idiom – Gig – Musicians use ‘gig’ to refer to a performance for which they expect to get paid – the question is how much? Musicians picked up ‘gig’ from the illegal lottery business, which is where they also got axe and bag. The lottery terminology in turn, was borrowed from horse racing. The three number combo (the most popular play) was called a ‘gig.’

Bugger, my cold has come back. The weather is looking fine.

Around noon we took a walk down to the Aquarium. We already have our tickets which came as a discounted double with the entry to Audobon Zoo. The stroll down the river walk on the Mississippi is one I  always enjoy especially on a fine (read not to hot and humid) day.
I have been to the Aquarium before and noticed that a lot of work has been done with the displays. It really is a fine Aquarium to visit.

Lunch was a seafood gumbo with hot sauce. I have been eating a lot of seafood (shell-fish) over the last few days and most remember to pump in some gout pills when I get back to the apartment. Just got to figure out the ration of medicine to the number of crawfish eaten?

The Louisiana Music Factory is well known for it’s vast collection of music. There is a second music shop on Decatur St called Peaches. Whilst the price of a c.d. is a little dearer I must say that I find the service more friendly. I picked up a six c.d. box set and booklet titled ‘The History of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues 1955-1962.’

Our mission was then to find me some new light pants. Wearing heavy jeans to Jazz Fest when it is hot and steamy is not a good idea. I did bring over one pair of my old hemp pants but they have had a blow out in the rear. Nothing to do with the food Ihave eaten to date I should add, just that I have been wearing them for three years. We hunted down the perfect pants but unfortunately they only had one pair in my size ( and no I am not telling you my size.)

Back at the apartment and it is real pleasant sitting out on the balcony, late afternoon and into dusk. William and Mickey have been out for dinner at Frank’s (our restaurant last night.) With it being Monday it is traditional ‘red beans and rice.’ We sat and chatted with William and Mickey for a good while and caught up on all the gossip for our block of Bourbon Street. People walking by say hello more often than not. I took a quick walk to Verti Mart for a dinner of meat loaf, mashed potato and baked beans. Only one serve is required to feed Wendy and I. Thankfully the meat loaf tasted a lot better than it looked.

Rob Rowe

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