Day 10 – April 16

High black water – a devil’s daughter
She’s hard and she’s cold and she’s mean
But nobody’s taught her that it takes
A lot of water to wash away New Orleans – Hurricane – Levon Helm

Johnny White’s and Evil Bob

Another sleep in – Pat is coming over around lunch time to pick up the girls as they have to pick up a few things for tomorrow’s adventure (it is still a secret). Pat is so nice to do this in her lunch hour and she sure does go out of her way to make our trip so enjoyable. I headed to Envie’s for the delectable French toast and fresh fruit. Still some rain about and on the cool side as well.

The girls were back around 12:45 and they headed off for a late breakfast.

When the girls were back we took a walk down to Canal St via Bourbon. It is only 2:30 and the street is already pumping. We walked past a strip club and the bouncer out front invited Wendy and me in for a ‘good’ time. He said, ‘I will babysit for you, meaning Kate’. I thought that was a mighty kind offer but Kate told him she was old enough not to be baby sat! We stopped for a smoothie and Froyo on Canal St.

We walked back down Bourbon and at the same strip joint as before the bouncer apologised to Kate for thinking she was under age. There is a young brass band playing on the corner near Toulouse Street and they have a big crowd. There is a Congo line of all African Americans doing these real cool step that only people born with natural rhythm can do. Us white guys just can’t dance.

We have arranged to meet up with Pat and Gentilly Jnr around 8:30 at Johnny White’s bar. I walked right past the bar and Kate had to stop me. We went in and Pat and Gentilly had not yet arrived but I thought to myself that the bar did not seem right. I had been to Johnny White’s a few times and even have one of the bar’s t shirts. There is a promotion going on. If you buy a shot of Jamison’s then you get a free Jameson’s t shirt. Had to do it as the t shirt is green and that will come in handy for tomorrows adventure (that is a hint). It got to 9 o’clock and Pat and Gentilly had still not arrived. Wendy decided to text Pat and we found out we were at the wrong Johnny White’s! I knew it didn’t feel right. We need to go another block and turn left.

Gentilly saw us straight away but Pat had gone looking for us. We must have passed her on Bourbon which was easy as the street is packed with revellers. The barman is called Evil Bob. A big man that looks intimidating but is a real nice man. Evil Bob welcomed us back and we settled in for a great night of talking and drinking with two real good friends.

We headed home just after midnight as we have to be up early (early for N.O. time) to be at Iggy’s bar by 9:30. Ed has arranged a lift for us down to Saint Bernard Parish (Chalmette) for what is going to be the adventure of a life-time.

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