Day 21 – April 26

This time I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m gonna need two pair-a shoes
When I get through walkin’ these blues
When I get back to New Orleans – Walkin’ To New Orleans – Fats Domino

Chinese Lanterns

Talking to one of the local neighbours while waiting for the girls. I was saying that it must be tough during the summer months with such high humidity. He agreed, but also added, ‘Ya gotta pay the price, for living in paradise.’
We ran into Ken and Lisa on our way down to breakfast this morning and caught up with what they have been up to.
We tried another new diner for breakfast, the Cafe Fleur De Lis. Good food and my coffee came in a cup the size of a soup bowl. No refills needed this morning. Oh, I also spotted a couple of new Bloody Mary’s for Mr. Smith. The Shrimp Bloody Mary and the fresh Green Tomato Bloody Mary.

Thinking of Cara back home as our washing machine broke down as soon as we left for the trip.

We had a look at the nearby ‘Pepper Palace’ and purchased a heap of rubs and spices plus a rather nifty hamburger maker thingy.

Pat has arranged to pick us up at 6 as we have tickets to go and see the Chinese Lantern display up at City Park. Firstly though Pat has picked up supplies so as we can have a picnic. Popeye’s Chicken, Cold Slaw, Biscuits and Cheesecakes with Chardonnay for Wendy and for me a large bottle of Abita’s Purple Haze. Vey civilised indeed. Pat is so organised having also bought along a table and chairs. I wonder what could possibly be better than a real nice picnic in New Orleans with Wendy, Kate and Pat. The only other thing would be if Cara, Melanie and Zac was with us. Cara will travel in 2018 when she reaches 21 (remember ya’ll, gotta be 21 to drink in the City of anything goes.)

The Chinese Lanterns were spectacular. Another highlight of the trip to date. The exhibition tours the world constantly and is in New Orleans for the month of April. If ever you get a chance to attend then jump at it. Check out the details here

Pat droves us back home after a very pleasant evening. We will be thinking of Pat tomorrow morning as she is going in for some surgery on her foot. We hope it all goes well and that the accompanying pain killers are of the highest quality. Also will be thinking of Pat’s other half, Gentilly Jnr. As he has to be up at 5 in the morning to take Pat to hospital. Seeing as Gentilly normally goes to bed at 4:30 A.M. he ain’t gunna have much sleep!

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