Day 5 April 8th.

Did not wake up until after Noon!

Quick shower the a dash down to St. Charles to get the street car. I know they street cars will be packed this time of the day. The Garden District is a must see for tourists. Well I was right. Three Street Cars have gone by without stopping, packed to the rafters. I decided to try the Uber app and offered a couple from Mississippi a ride as well.

As soon as I got down the festival I went to the food stalls and got me a Crawfish Pasta. Just the right amount of spice. It is going to be another fine day. Sweet Crude are playing the Abita Stage

Had a walk around to see Stu and Carol at the Jack Daniels Stage and the Dukes of Dixieland were playing. The did a great jazzy version of the Doobie Bothers ‘Black Water’. They were so good that I stayed for the whole set.

Walking down Decatur and a guy on a three wheeler push bike road passes me with dirty big python draped around his shoulders.

Today being Saturday and the whole of the French Quarter is packed. There are many stages around the whole area and the locals come out to party as it is a non working day. Walking down Royal toward Esplanade, so many fine buskers on the street that if you stopped to listen to them all you would never make your destination.

As you know my normal abode whilst in town is at 1123 Bourbon. I decided to walk past to see if Micky was out front. He was and we caught up on the news. He has a movie part in a new film, the remake of Jeepers Creepers. Micky gets a lot of bit parts in movies and T.V. series such as NCIS New Orleans. He was very excited as this is his first speaking role and he also got acknowledgment in the promos. William (owner) of my apartment came out to have a chat. He looks real healthy and again we caught up with the news. He told me he has purchased a new blow up mattress for when ‘Princess’ Kate arrives.

I went and caught a little of Eric Lindell at one of the Mint Stages but it is just to crammed full to enjoy.

Went and had a couple of beers at Iggy’s. Little Dave the owner is there but he is so drunk he does not recall who I am. Mike came in to the bar and he knew who I was and we chatted for a while. I think Mike is here to take Dave home (hopefully).

Decided to head one block down to Horn’s. Ordered the Oyster’s St John, eggplant wrapped oysters in a rich and spicy tomato sauce. Sensational. Oh and I also had an Abita Amber. Funny that the same beer was $4 at Iggy’s and one block away $4.50.

Then a called into Buffa’s which was a further two blocks down on (Esplanade). Now I have told you before you have gotta pronounce this as EsplanAID or they gunna know you ain’t a local.

The Abita (in the front bar) is $5 here. The closer you get to the Quarter the higher the price!

I mentioned that I like reading signs. Well here is a couple that took my fancy:

‘Go to heaven for the climate, hell for the company’, yeah I can relate to that

Then there is this ‘Bar Phone Fee’ if you ask the Bar Person to lie for you.

$1 – On his way out

$2 – Just left

$3 – He’s not here

$4 – Haven’t seen him all day

$5 – Who?

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