Day 6 -April 9th.

Up at 7 this morning. Not going to get caught this morning trying to get down to FQF

I finished up at Stanley’s on Jackson Square for banana pancakes. It is a busy cafe even for this early in the morning. Another fine day is looming. Very unlike previous years when at least on day of the festival has been impacted by inclement weather.

I sat near the Abita Stage at 10 and watched as the food stalls got ready for their days trade. Everyone seems to be moving a little slow. Understandable as this is the fourth straight day of very tiring work being on your feet all the time.

The music starts at 11 and I listen to the set from the Irene Sage Band. The band members of the Bucktown Allstars are rolling as they are next on stage. One of the band is drinking from a large can of Foster’s beer. The fool!

It is just past Noon and time for a Purple Haze. No I am not dropping acid. This is the name of Abita’s raspberry infused beer. It is very refreshing on a warm day. Next for eatin’ is a Cajun Meat Pie and a Crawfish Pie.

Jeff (Stage Crew) told me that if I wanted I could go and sit up under cover on the side of stage for a while. You bet, I took advantage to got up and watch Little Freddie King. Fantastic. Jeff also told me that he will be working the Fais (Fey) Do Do Stage at Jazz Fest and that I should come and see him. We have has many chats and he is keen to come to Australia. Said, he wants to go to the outback. I told him that he is welcome to stay at our place for a while and he was real taken with that. Better tell Wendy I guess!

All in all another great (FREE) music festival. I finished off the day with a dozen chargrilled oysters.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans – 2017

  1. I have caught up!! sounds fabulous. tell your mate i will take him to the outback!!! Take care of that knee!!! can you upload pics?

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