April 16th. – Day 13

Easter Sunday in da Quarter. Up early and down to Envie’s for breakfast. I have been listening in to a conversation of two older locals and a couple of policemen enjoying a morning coffee. They got around to talking about the Grateful Dead and more particularly Jerry Garcia. One of the guys was saying that he never really got into ‘the Dead’ and that he thought Garcia was a sloppy and lazy guitarist. He then reminisced about seeing Garcia play a  few times with the legendary New Orleans Piano Professor James Booker. At one stage Booker screamed at Garcia to ‘just make the fuckin changes, man.’ Now for those of you who know of the somewhat erratic nature of Mr. Booker you will realize that maybe Garcia was not all he is feted to be?

When I finally left Envie’s there was a line snaking out the door for service. It is a popular hangout.

Went and got some Strawberry Abita in readiness for today’s Gay Easter Parade which will pass our door later this afternoon. I have noticed that whenever you pay with a $20 bill it is checked thoroughly and then marked with a felt-tip pen. My curiosity aroused I asked the shop keeper why this was so although I am sure it is to check for counterfeit notes. She confirmed my suspicions and further added that on holiday weekends a lot of bleached notes are presented by out of towners. The paper feels right but the denomination has been altered. By checking the note up to the light and then putting it under an ultra violet light they confirm that it is legitimate.

I have also noticed that big Al Carson has not been advertised as playing at his normal gig at the Funky Pirate. He also did not perform at the FQF or is scheduled to play Jazz Fest. A quick Google search revealed that he has been hospitalized last April and was in intensive care suffering pneumonia. No further updates are available on the net. Maybe his ongoing weight issues have forced him into retirement. I hope he is o.k.

Went down to St. Philip around 1:30 to get a position for the Chris Owen Easter Parade. There are many people out and about wearing bunny ears (men and women) as well as more ornate Easter Bonnets. The locals sure make an effort to dress up for Easter Sunday. I took the camera with me for the first time this trip as there will be many great photo opportunities. The locals love Chris Owen and she looks pretty in her Easter finery. There are many shouts of, ‘we love you Chris.’ She does not seem to age from year to year, just looks ancient.

It got hot standing in the sun so I was glad to walk the short distance back home and sit out on the balcony with a cold Abita. The six pack of Abita had cost $12.09 from the Quarter Master. Good value seeing that a single Abita at most bars is $5 to $6.

Most people that pass me by say ‘Happy Easter’ and a few have said to me ‘go cubbies.’ I forgot that I had on my Chicago Cubs t-shirt. For those of you that don’t know the ‘cubbies’ won last year’s baseball World Series. What a year for me, the doggies winning the Grand Final and the cubs winning the World Series after an even longer wait than the dogs. Any by the way red, white and blue are the colors of both teams.

A group of Elvis impersonators went past on small scooters. I nearly got knocked out when one strong-arm Elvis threw me a dum dums (sorta like a small chuppa chup)

There is a travel guide across the road from me explaining some of the local architecture as well as adding in some snippets about Hurricane Katrina. Where my apartment is built is approx. 5 to 6 feet above sea level as is much of the Quarter. Hence the reason it did not flood. However compare that to some areas of Metairie which is 44 feet below sea level and you can see the problem.

Although having said that Mickey told me that a short time back it rained so hard and long that the Quarter did experience some flooding.

Stew and Carol came over around 4 o’clock. I invited them over to watch the Gay Easter Parade. There are so many interesting people to photograph and no one seems to object when I ask to take their picture. The only hassle I have with bringing over my tablet and not my laptop is that I can’t download any of those photos. You will just have to wait until I get back.

Spoiler Alert – Mickey has just told me thatt the current filming of New Orleans NCIS has Pride’s bar being blown up!

All in all another great Easter Sunday in New Orleans.

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