April 17th. – Day 14

First meal of the day ay N’awlins Café and Spice Emporium down at the market. Shrimp Creole and a Barg’s Root Beer. Very tasty and spicy.

People seem a little sluggish after the 3 days of Easter celebrations, as does your writer. For a religious celebration, New Orleans sure likes to party. Also it is the end of Spring Break and many people left town yesterday.

12:40 and the blog is up to date. A storm is brewing and I can hear some distant thunder. 13:10 and the rain is here, heavy and persistent, although the forecast tells me it should clear in an hour or so.

2:30 and off for a walk, need a coffee and something sweet. The humidity is high after the thunderstorm and it does not take long to feel a little sticky. Had my much needed coffee and an Almond Croissant at Cafe Beignet on Royal. Nice to sit and relax. I have done nil in the way of touristy things. I am just content to absorb the comings and goings of the city. Walked the length of Canal and had a look in a couple of jean shops as well as window shopping a very cool men’s clothing and shoe store. There are no conservative business suits here. Very brightly coloured suits and shirts.

Back to the apartment to watch a couple of more movies. Then out to the Verty Mart for a take-out, meatloaf, mashed potato and green beans. 

One thought on “New Orleans – 2017

  1. You have had a good run up until now with the weather. It wouldn’t be New Orleans without the rain

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