April 19th – Day 16

Back to Belle’s Diner for breakfast today. Pancakes with berries and pecans. The waiter looked a little surprised when I turned down the offer of a side of bacon. Stew is picking me up around 4:30 to take me to a College Baseball Game. Glad to read in the Picayune that an ‘expert’ has predicted that this year’s hurricane season will be less active.

Stew advised to get a bite to eat before he picked me up as the food available at the game would be limited. So around 2:30 I went over to Fiorella’s for Fried Chicken and Potato Salad.

Stew picked me up right on time and we were at the Baseball Park an hour before the first pitch. The stadium is very impressive. Sure puts our State Baseball stadium to shame. We had seats just to the side of home plate, three rows from the front. Great game against the more fancied University of Southern Mississippi. Tulane won the game 10  – 8. Very high standard of ball. Of course when at a ball game ya gotta have a hot dog and a beer.


Real enjoyable night out thanks to Stew

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