April 20th – Day 17

Another bad sleeping night. I just don’t seem to be able to sleep until after 3 A.M. I have been leaving the radio on tuned into WWOZ. You hear some good music late at night.

I tried a new restaurant for my first meal of the day. Pier 424 Seafood Market on Bourbon looked ok menu wise. It is only 11:30 but I have not eaten so in for a penny, in for a pound. I ordered half a dozen charbroiled oysters and a Creole pasta. The oysters were first class. The pasta one of the best meals I  have ever eaten pasta wise. Seasoned chicken, andouille sausage, shrimp, bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms all roasted then simmered in Creole sauce over linguini pasta. So, so good. I am glad I took a chance on Pier 424. I had intended to try and do the Jazz Brunch at the famous Court of Two Sisters but it was booked out. I will make an online booking for next week.

Because I don’t sleep well at night I have found that as soon as I sit down in the afternoon I fall asleep. I thought of Arthur when flicking through the T.V. channels. There is a Western Chanel that only shows old 50’ and 60’s shows. I have been watching the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Laramie. They seem real corny but still enjoyable. Lots of fighting, shooting and of course ending with a moral to the story. Life was simpler way back then.

Music is planned for tonight. Heading over to the Three Muses on Frenchman for Luke Winslow King. I have a couple of his c.d.’s and have seen him perform before. Got a bar stool and settled myself in with a beer. Alas Luke is not playing tonight due to a family emergency. Instead there  is a three piece jazz band. They are good (as are most musicians in New Orleans) so I hung in for a set and made sure I put a couple of dollars in the tip bucket. Then headed to the Spotted Cat, it is busy tonight and as I could not get a bar stool I didn’t hang around.

Instead I fished up at the Apple Barrel which is next to the Spotted Cat. Where else in the world can you walk out one music venue into another all within a few feet. The Apple Barrel is a small dive but tonight the band is fantastic. Old timey music played by young’uns. I think I have seen a few of them busking on Royal. Upright bass, clarinet, drums, banjo and resonator guitar with kazoo. Great playing, harmonies and songs. I stood at the bar next to an old local that I had seen at the wedding reception last week. The guy that looks like Willie Nelson. His name is Charlie and the Apple Barrel is his local. Also got introduced to another guy, John. He has been coming to New Orleans for over 30 years and he was up for a talk. He lives 6 months of the year in Southern Mexico. He had lots of stories about New Orleans which were very interesting.

It is already 11 o’clock and feeling hungry I dropped into the Verti Marte for a take-out on my way home. Pork chops, mashed potato smothered in gravy and green beans. No wonder I can’t sleep at night!

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