April 24th – Day 21

I just read online that the first of four Confederate Monuments was removed overnight. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the removal of these monuments. One of those slated for removal is the famous Robert E Lee statue at Lee Circle. I can sort of understand both sides of the argument. It is an emotional time for many of New Orleans citizens. http://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2017/04/monuments_new_orleans.html#incart_m-rpt-2 

For me, weather wise, it is perfect. Clear blue sky and around 20 degrees Celsius. Another of those must visit restaurants was scratched off the list today. I finally got to Coop’s Place on Decatur. It is a little dive of an establishment but it has a lot of character. Unfortunately Lonely Planet mentions the place and so it is normally packed. Come Thursday and right through to the end of Jazz Fest there will be a line waiting to get in.

I ordered from the breakfast menu even though it was 12:30. Got me the Hang Town Fry Omelette. Fried Oysters, bacon, cheddar cheese and green onion served with fries. Legend says a death row inmate requested this dish with hard to get ingredients for his last meal, hoping for a delay. Must admit it would make a very good last meal.

‘Remember you can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning.’ Logical indeed.

My niece Skye has been in touch. We will catch up this Wednesday when she comes to town with her friend Georgia. I am looking forward to showing them around my home away from home. Skye has told me that she has made a reservation for all of us to dine at Commander’s Palace Thursday night. The most famous restaurant in New Orleans. We will have to get dressed up a little as they are strict with the dress rules. Maybe I can borrow a ‘dress’ from one of the Drag Queens! http://www.commanderspalace.com

Facebook has told me that Kate & Cara had a meal at the Olive Tree in New York. I kinda figured that Kate would find her way back there! They then headed to the 9/11 Memorial which is a truly moving, sad but also inspiring reminder to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers.

Back to the Verti Marte for a take out dinner. John greets me with ‘welcome back Rob.’ Tonight it is Creole chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Truth be known I still have green beans left over from last night’s dinner.

Back to the apartment and I caught the end of Gentilly Junior’s show on WWOZ. 

Pat has sent through a Facebook message to say that she has purchased her airline ticket for her trip over to Melbourne in September. We are looking forward to showing Pat around, introducing her to our ratbag friends and going some way to providing the hospitality that Pat and Bob have always shown to me, Wendy and Kate.

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