April 25th – Day 21

Up early, well 8 o’clock! Read the Age online and am glad that Essendon beat the Pies in the Anzac Day clash. Also Wendy has posted a photo of our Dawn Service. The crowd turnout was fantastic. I know Wendy and her helpers, Bob, Sue and Ernie have put in a lot of work to ensure the service was a success. Congratulations to all involved in organizing and also the volunteers for their efforts on the morning. 

Laundry day and Dinah welcomes me back to Suds ‘dem Duds, she even remembers my name. Today I am heading out just before eleven to collect my Brass Pass for Jazz Fest. For those of you that do not know, WWOZ sells the Brass Pass which gets you in to each day of the festival as well as giving you access to their hospitality tent. Fresh fruit and iced coffee as well as clean porta loos are well worth the cost of the pass. You also, by buying the pass become a member of the WWOZ for the next twelve months. They have tightened up the rules of entry into the hospitality tent as you are no longer able to take in a guest. They also state that you will need photo I.D. I hope that are not to diligent in checking I.D.’s as I would like to be able to have Kate use the pass to get some of those famous and delicious Ponchatoula Strawberries.

As I was leaving the apartment, William was taking his dogs for a walk. I said that I had not seen his car for the last few days and that Mickey has not been around. He sorta laughed and said ‘you are becoming a neighbourhood local, noticing things like that.’ They had been to Biloxi for a few days. William has also kindly offered to take me to a large Supermarket to stock up the fridge and pantry for Kate’s arrival.

As we walked (both heading in same direction) I asked William of his opinion regarding the removal of the Confederate memorials. He could not see a lot of sense in it. History is history and a statue should not change your view on what was an evil time in Southern America. We sort of agreed however that the first monument that was removed was indeed a blight on the history of the City of New Orleans. The Battle of Liberty Place monument celebrates a white supremacist movement and although I am just a visitor I can see the merit in getting rid of it. Make your own mind up by reading this article in today’s Picayune. http://www.nola.com/opinions/index.ssf/2017/04/new_orleans_monuments_3.html

And here is a more detailed account of the Battle of Liberty Place.


As I walked down Canal St to get to my favourite clothing and shoe store I noticed that the first block of Bourbon St is now closed to traffic. The long awaited renewal of the street and sidewalks has begun. I wonder, if I manage to get back to New Orleans next year, if the reconstruction will have been fully completed.

I got me a pair of cheap shoes and some bright coloured socks for our dinner at Commander’s Place next Thursday. I have also got my eye on a pretty nifty shirt but will wait for Kate’s approval. Note that Wendy would not approve!

Next, into IHops for a feed. I ordered the sirloin steak tips with mushroom and onion gravy, mashed potato and corn. Drat, they don’t have Root Beer and before you know it I had ordered a Dr. Peppers. What was I thinking. I had a Dr. Peppers many years back and did not like it at all. Surprise, it tastes a little like Root Beer and I am now a Dr. Peppers fan. The food was good as well.

I got half way back to the apartment and had to tie up my shoe lace. Something twigged as I bent to tie my lace. SHIT, I have left my new shoes back at IHOPS. I gotta turn and walk back 15 or so minutes with my right knee telling me that I am an idiot. I got back there and to my relief the waiter had found my bag and stashed it behind the counter. Slung him a $20 reward.

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