April 26th – Day 23

Got a message from Kate and Cara, unfortunately the Baseball game they went to see, the New York Mets v’s the Atlanta Braves has been washed out. That’s a bummer as I know they were looking forward to the game and all the off-field hype.

Skye has messaged me, they are about to board their flight from L.A. to New Orleans. They should arrive around 3:30. As soon as they freshen up they will come over to my place. They are going to be extra tired but it is best to try and stay on local time. We might go to the free music at Lafayette Square or just head over to Frenchman.

So far the weather prediction for Jazz Fest (starts Friday) is looking good. Clear weather for Friday and Saturday but maybe some rain on Sunday. I am prepared for foul weather this year. I have waterproof booties to put over my runners and zip lock plastic bags for storing my cell phone and wallet. Well when I say I am prepared it was Wendy that prepared me!.

Went over to EnVie’s for a Danish and iced coffee around 11:30. On my way back I spoke to a couple of locals who live on Governor Phillips. One of the ladies I know as she walks past the apartment very often walking her dog. She gave me advice on another 6 places to eat. Mostly local neighbourhood hangouts which was nice of her.

I sat out on the balcony with Cheryl and Peter and caught up with what has been happening.

Gentilly Jnr. phoned at 1:30 with  the news that Aussies Noel Goodwin and his wife Cheryl are in town for a surprise visit and that he is going to bring them over to the Quarter. Gentilly has invited me to hook up at Harry’s Place around 2:30. Sounds like fun but I better go and grab something to eat. Decided to go around the corner to Verti Marte and grab something to fill the hole. Got a half pint of chicken noodle soup and crackers.

Steve and Betty have arrived from Kentucky and will be staying next door as well. It is like old home week with all my American friends coming in for Jazz Fest.

Headed off at 2:30 for the short walk to Dumaine and Chartres. Gentilly, Noel and Cheryl were already at Harry’s and enjoying their first drink. We had a good laugh and a few beers. I got a message from Skye to say they had landed in New Orleans and once they were showered and settled in to their accommodation they would come over to my place. Their other travelling companion is Rob Mills who some of you may know from Australian Idol as well as Neighbours. Rob is coming in from Chicago and will not get in until after 9:30.

The girls arrived around 5:30. Tired, thirsty and hungry. They are determined to stay up to acclimatise to the local time. We headed over to Frenchman Street and I pointed out a few local historical buildings, including the La Laurie Mansion. The most haunted home in New Orleans. Have a read here and be scared, very scared! https://www.prairieghosts.com/lalaurie.html

Once we hit Frenchman I thought it would be cool to do a little club crawl to acclimatise the girls to New Orleans. We started at the Spotted Cat for a few beers and a listen to a real hot Dixieland band. Then next door to the little dive bar, the Apple Barrel. A few more beers and some music from a R & B duo. Both Skye and Georgia were pretty impressed. Then over to Three Muses for some Gypsy Jazz and a food plate to share. Again, I think the girls dug the music. Keep in mind we have already seen three different types of music with no cover charge. The food was damn good as well. Next to Checkpoint Charlie’s, a bar that has a Blues Duo playing. The singer introduced a guest guitarist from Australia. The music was so – so. One more stop for the night at BMC for a little bit of soul. Not bad for their first night in town, music and a good sampling of local beer. Back to the apartment with a six-pack and a bottle of wine to await the arrival of Rob. The girls meet my neighbours and we sat out on the balcony and partied on. Rob finally pulled up in a cab, still with his travel bag and joined in with the frivolity. I have never meet Rob before and was not sure what to expect. Gotta say he is a real nice guy, funny and in no way a big head. The girls have decided that to not confuse the issue I will be called Senior and Millsy will be Junior.

I think we finished up around 2:30 A.M.

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