April 28th – Day 25

1st. Day of Jazz Fest. Humid day

Facebook message that Kate and Cara are back in Orlando. I know that Kate has been so looking forward to enjoying Disneyworld with her sister.

I headed to the bus stop at the top of Toulouse St and Rampart around 10:30. A bus loomed in the distance. I hope it is the Esplanade bus which goes to the festival sight. I am in luck, it is the right bus. Now that is strange, it was not overly crowded but it just sped on by. Looking a little closer I noticed that there is no longer a bus stop sign. The penny finally dropped, the bus stops have all been moved to align with the new Street Car line.

Finally made it at 11:35 and went straight to the Blues Tent to catch the end of Johnny Sansone’s set. Said hello to the security staff that I have come to know over the last few years. Then caught up with another blues fan, Gary, who I see every year.

Time for a bite to eat. My favourite Yaka Mein and then a serve of spicy boiled potatoes Note to self. Most New Orleans food is spicy and they do not note the word spicy in the meal description. However if spicy is added to the food description they really mean, HOT. The spuds were tasty but I quickly had to look for a cold drink to put out the fire.

Went over to the Acura Stage for a little of the New Orleans Suspects and to catch up with some of the Iggy’s Bar crew. Then back to the WWOZ hospitality tent for some fresh fruit and an iced coffee. Got a pleasant surprise when WOW members Jennie Chapman and Owen joined me. I gave them a bit of a heads up about the festival site.

Went over to the Fais Do Do stage and caught up with Stew, Carol and their son Darren and heard a bit of Chubby Carrier.

Finally got a message from Skye. They are on the way to the festival. Seems like they kicked on after I left them last night. The bright lights and mayhem of Bourbon Street has worked its magic again. They have had a late night. Bourbon Street will do that to new comers no matter how much they have been warned! I meet up with the trio at WWOZ. 

We all went over to the Gentilly Stage for Leon Bridges. A young R ‘n’ B singer. Must say I was mighty impressed with his singing and oh so cool dance moves.

Ran into another Aussie, Bryce and we talked about music in general.

I have been wearing my Tulane Baseball cap and am getting lots of positive comments, I guess from current and past Tulane University students.

Hungry again so got a Crawfish Po Boy with fried jalapenos and onion. Then headed back to the Fais Do Do for the Travelling McCourys, a kick ass Bluegrass Band of the highest order. My friend Jeff who I spoke about during the French Quarter Festival had sent me a nice email to let me know he was a stage crew member at Fais Do Do. He said to make myself known and I could come and hang back stage. I saw Jeff and he gave me an artist pass. I got to sit up on stage whilst Geno Delafose closed out the day. Not only that the Stage Manager insisted that I have a beer!

On the way to the Bus Stop for the trip home I ran into Brian Wise of RRR. Showered and rested I am in for an early night. I was just about to nod off about 11ish when there was a knock on the front door. I know who it is. Skye, Georgia and Junior, they are calling to see if I want to come out. Luckily all the lights are off and I laid low. I am just to old to party with the younguns.

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