April 29th – Day 26

Up late. Another cloudy and humid day on the horizon. Quick read of the online newspaper before heading off for day two of Jazz Fest. Alarmingly there was an armed robbery just a block down from me last night at 4:30 A.M. As I have told the crew, be vigilant at all times and do not become complacent even in the French Quarter.

Got a Facebook message from Skye, looks like they have had another late night and will not be getting to the fest until late afternoon. Ran into Jennie and Owen at the bus stop. We are quickly becoming bus buddies.

Breakfast today is a Crawfish Enchilada and a Natchitoulis Meat Pie. Ran into Bryce again and he has offered me a free ticket to Tuesday’s Threadhead festival. May just take up the offer. I decided not to take my camera today. The reason being two-fold, it is heavy and my photos are no where near as good as Wendy’s. 

I caught the end of Charmaine Neville’s set in the Blues tent and then moved up the front to get a good seat for Kenny Neale. Great set, which he dedicated to some of his old Baton Rouge musician influences. One guy he brought out was a singer known as Boo Boo. He must be well into his seventies. Man can he still sing and the crowd went wild with his dance moves. The whole band was grinning from ear to ear. Should have brought the camera after all. Kenny then introduced a tribute to B.B.King and for the song he swapped guitars. He told us that as a young performer he toured with B.B. as a bass player. He has one on B.B.’s famous ‘Lucille’ guitars which has Mr. Kings autograph in large white letters. First time I have ever seen a guitar get a standing ovation! The song he chose for the tribute was the aptly named, ‘Everyday I Have The Blues.’ Next up he introduced singer and harp player, Oscar Davis who toured with Slim Harpo.

It is 2:15 and time for a visit to WWOZ for fresh fruit and iced coffee. Still no sight of the young’uns.

The Blues tent is chokers for Cyril Neville so I stood outside and listened. Lucky Kate is not with me. I have just been caught in the middle of a bee swarm. People are running everywhere. Toward the end of the set I spotted another Aussie friend, Geoff. We chatted for a while and waited for the crowd to disperse. Then went into the tent and got a good spot for the Honey Island Swamp Band. The HISB kicked ass and we hung in for the full set.

As I was leaving the tent I felt a tap on my shoulder. Would you believe it? Craig Horne from a WOW favourite band the Hornets. Craig is a great friend of Wendy and I. Craig is heading to Lafayette tomorrow but will be back Wednesday and we are going to try and meet up for dinner. He told me that he himself had just unexpectedly caught up with Andy ‘Big Boy Lemonade’ Ogden. Sure is a small world sometimes.

Skye has got through a message to say that they have arrived and were heading to the Gentilly Stage for the Alabama Shakes. That is where I am heading also. I sat out against a wire fence on the track to listen. The crowd is much bigger than the time I saw this young band a few years back. They are extremely popular now. 

I left about 6:30 to head to the bus and wouldn’t you know it, ran into Jennie and Owen again.

Once I was showered and rested I headed to the Verti Marte for a burger. Cheryl and her crew are sitting out on the balcony. Apparently last night when I did not answer the door for the young’uns they then knocked on Cheryl’s door and partied with her crew. Junior sang a few songs and Cheryl said he had a great voice.

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