Day Five – April 13th (Wedding Anniversary)

Poor old New Orleans (it is 300 years old in 2018). Just reading the news about a major oil spill in the Mississippi.

I thought I could smell oil the other day.

I finally caught up on my blog. Just got an email from my new Virginian buddies. One of their favourite bands is playing at the House of Blues Voodoo Garden from noon. Gypsy Elise and the Royal Blues, they have asked me to join them for a quiet drink.

Got me a fried pork chop sandwich for breakfast down at FQF. Must say it was very disappointing. Very dry.  Maybe the worst thing I have ever eaten in N.O.

Went over to the Abita Stage and had a listen to Mia Borders. I forgot to tell you yesterday that I bought a cool western style shirt. Guns, card, and skeletons adorn it. Just my style. I kid you not I was attended to by a stunning young girl who was dressed all in black and when she smiled she had vampire teeth!

Today is overcast but the bad news is tomorrow (Saturday) is looking bad weather wise. Severe storms predicted.

I did go over to the House of Blues and had a really good time with my new friends. They sure like to laugh, and they take the piss out of themselves just like we do. Decided to have a Margarita. I was given the option of the standard mix or a special blackberry mix in a souvenir tin mug. Went for the blackberry and it was awesome. A bit like drinking a lethal Ribena.

One of the group has a t-shirt that I find amusing. ‘My girlfriend said I need to be more affectionate. Now I have two girlfriends’.

Got a message from Cara, she has landed in Chicago for her Orlando connections. She is worried about missing the flight as she only has a short turn around. Wendy’s flight is coming in from Detroit.

Back over to the Abita stage for Louisiana LeRoux. An eight-piece band formed in 1977. They could easily have played any of our pub rock venues back in the 70’s. They brought back lots of memories

Had a feed of Blackened Shrimp with Pickled Coleslaw and a Honey Mustard dressing. Real good.

I have my wrist pass from Jeff so can sit up on the stage. Another of the security guards (Sherman) look after me as well. He guards the artist’s entrance and woe behold anyone that tries to sneak past him. He can look really mean but is really nice. I said to Jeff, ‘I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Sherman’. Jeff said jokingly, ‘I am the bad ass one here and proceeded to show me his license to carry a concealed weapon’. Jeff told me that he spent 5 years in the military in the mid 70’s.

Grabbed an Abita to have a listen to Bonearama. The weather is turning a little as the clouds roll in and the temperature drops. The band sings a song about Mr. Okra who sadly passed away a few weeks back. He was the last of the old-time produce sellers that drove around in his truck using a sing/song voice to advertise his wares over a speaker. He was a regular attraction at Jazz Fest. There was a huge second line a short time ago to celebrate his life.

I headed back to the apartment around 4:30 as I am not sure what time Wendy will arrive. Before I left Jeff gave me a fantastic poster of Dr. John. He also told me that there will be no FQF tomorrow as the storm is going to hit around Noon.

Along Royal Street, I have seen over the years many young dudes sitting at a little table with an old-fashioned typewriter banging out poems for the tourists. I decided to commission one for our anniversary. The guy asked me a few questions and then asked what we mostly do together. I said listening to music. Took him about five minutes to create a unique poem. I have also sussed out from Mickey were a local florist was. So, I now have my poem and some flowers. Hope you are reading this RSL crew.

Glad I did leave the festival early as Wendy’s taxi pulled up around 5:30.

I went down to the Quarter Master for a six pack of Purple Haze and a bottle of Chardonnay. We had a few drinks sitting out on the porch with Mickey and Scott.

I am always amazed (maybe I shouldn’t be as this is New Orleans) how many passers-by either stop for a chat or say hello. There are also several passers-by who are walking in a very crooked line. FQF can do that to you. Sun and booze can have a detrimental effect on one’s walking ability.

Went out around 8:30 for a Middle Eastern takeout. A young guy who was served after me asked if there was any pork. Hmm, guess he does not know much about Muslims. The people behind the jump were in no way upset. The food was not as good as that from Mona’s on Frenchman.

Did the flowers and poem work, I hear you asking?


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