Day 12 – April 20th


deep fried oyster sushi 

The first thing to do today is to go to the WWOZ radio office/studio and pick up our Brass Passes for Jazz Fest. Mission accomplished and so we headed down to the mighty Mississippi to have a look at the Tall Ships that sailed in yesterday for the tri-centennial celebrations of New Orleans. What a view it is to see lined up along the wharves (in order) the Steam Paddler Natchez about to leave the dock for a tourist run. Then the U.S. Coast Guard Ship the Cypress followed by the Tall Ships, Oosterschelda, Oliver Hazard Perry, Elissa and the Picton Castle. Not too far from these moorings is a U.S. Aircraft Carrier. It is also the start of Navy Week in New Orleans.

As you can imagine there are a lot of people out to view these magnificent vessels. A photographers dream. The area where the Coast Guard ship and the Tall Ships are moored has been fenced off however at Noon (about now) the area will be open to the public and you will be allowed to board the vessels for a look see. The lines at both entrances is very long and me not being the patient type decided not to line up yet. We have not eaten at all today, so we head over to the Food Hall at River Walk. Long lines here as well.

Once we had finished eating I had a ‘brain wave’ (that is what happens when you have one day off the booze). I decided we should catch the Ferry over to Algiers (the West Point) as it should be ideal to get some photos of all the ships lined up along the wharf. Good thinking Batman!

The mighty Mississippi fights the Ferry as we take the short trip across. Great photos both from the Ferry and Algiers Point. The river is very high, and several trees and telegraph poles are under water. I must remember to bring over the WOW crew when they get to town as this is the ideal spot to view the New Orleans skyline from the CBD to the French Quarter with a magnificent view of the cathedral.

When we got back over to city side the lines for viewing the ships up close has dropped significantly. We had a good look around and I meet a couple of pirates.

At 3:30 we are back at the apartment to rest up for tonight debauchery. We are due to meet Pat and Bob around 9 PM at Johnny White’s. I know from previous years that it is going to be a late one.

We went out at 7:30 for a bite to eat. Finished up at the Corner Oyster House, I have never eaten here before. We don’t want a big meal, but the stomach must be lined. We shared a dozen charbroiled oysters and Wendy had a small cup of Gumbo and I had a Crawfish Pie. It is a little chilly tonight.

We passed a classy meat restaurant called Dori’s. All the meat is aged between 21 to 31 days and is on display. Very impressive as are the prices. Thirty Four-ounce Porterhouse $85, Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin $185. No, we will not be eating there.

We got to Jimmy White’s and Pat and Bob were already at the bar. Another great night of laughs and stories. Evil Bob kept the drinks coming. 12:30 AM Bob said to me that ‘I was looking a little puffed’. He had been reading my blog and likes the term ‘puffed’. I think we got home about 1:30!

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