Days Twenty and Twenty-One

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The People You Meet!

The next couple of days will definitely be rest days for me. I have to get myself ready for Jazz Fest.

Not sure if you call it breakfast, if your first meal of the day is 1:10 pm. Also the choice of meal (Pizza) may not be a breakfast meal. I sat outside at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, across from the Old Mint and the French Market. I ordered the Hangover Pizza and told my waiter that I was not really hungover. He gave me that New Orleans look to say ‘yeah sure, I believe ya.’ The pizza was delicious, 2 yard eggs, bell pepper, red onion, jalapenos, bacon and prosciutto, all on a super thin a crispy crust. If I did indeed have a hangover then I have been cured.

The newspaper is reporting good weather until Thursday (first day of Jazz Fest). Thunderstorms are predicted.

I have been getting updates from Al and Trish through What’s App detailing their trip down to Patagonia and then on to a road trip through Argentina. Fantastic photos and once in a life-time adventures are being had.


Took a walk down to St Louis St to get me a Po Boy at Johnny’s Po Boy. On the way over I heard a group of people trying to work out who wrote ‘A Street Car Named Desire?’ One of them commented to look it up on Google. As I passed I said. ‘it was Tennessee Williams.’ One of them said, thank you, do you live here?’ The were somewhat bemused when they recognized my accent was a long way from New Orleans, although they seemed impressed with my knowledge of Tennessee Williams.

There must be a Cruise Ship in town as Royal Street is chockers with groups of tourists wearing name tags.

Johnny’s Po Boys was established in 1950. I don’t think the decor has been changed since their opening. I have been trying a few Po Boy places as recommended by a New Orleans Survey of the best places to eat the said Po Boy. I really wanted to get to Parkways Bakery (nominated the best) but it is not open on a Tuesday. There was a line of people waiting to be served. I finally got to order a Veal Parmesan Po Boy. Took about 10 minutes to prepare. Lucky that I arrived when I did as one of the Cruise Ship groups just came in and the line to be served now stretches to the door.

I must now confess that I have weakened. No, not the alcohol backslide. I have visited the Louisiana Music Factory for the first time this trip. I now have a Blaze Foley CD, two Grayson Capps and another Andrew Duhon. I asked if the had the DVD Blaze but alas no.

I waited out on the stoop for the arrival of Cheryl and Peter who are coming in from L.A. for the two weeks of Jazz Fest. Wendy and I have become very good friends with them over the years. They arrived just after four.

I went out around 7 pm to go down to the Verti-Mart for a take-out. Cheryl and Peter had the same idea and we both opened our doors to leave at the same time. After getting our food they invited me into their apartment to share the meal. It was great to catch up with all the news. From previous blogs you may recall that Cheryl has worked in the music industry for all of her working life. She told me a great story of meeting Keith Richards when she was just 22 years old. Said he was real nice and down to earth.

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