Day Twenty-Two – April 24th

Big Dave and Pat @ the Artisan

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him To forgive me. Emo Phillips

Firstly my apologies for being five days behind with the blog. I always have good intentions to blog each morning but once Jazz Fest comes around I get so tired that I am always running late.

William called in this morning to say he needed to postpone our lunch date at Mr. B’s, he is coming down with a bad cold. That sort of worked out good as Pat also messaged me to say she is getting off work at 1 and will pick me up to go over to the Artisan Bar for lunch with Big Dave.

Betty and Steve came in late, from Kansas City last night, a thirteen hour drive. They will be staying with Cheryl next door. Both Betty and Steve have become good friends over the years.

It is an overcast day and the weather report for the first day of Jazz Fest (tomorrow) is looking sad.

Pat arrived about 1:15 and we were at the Artisan within 10 minutes. Big Dave was already eating a late breakfast. You do that here in New Orleans. Your meals are not dictated by any given time. Makes sense for a 24 hour city. Conner is our barman today, nice guy and very friendly. I ordered the Chicken Alfredo and Pasta. Very tasty, but oh so rich a sauce. We had a few Blue Moons (beer) but the meal has made me feel very bloated. I asked Conner for something to settle the stomach. He made me a Tonic and Bitters and it worked a treat.

Big Dave has been drinking a Margarita so I decided to try one as well, Conner asked, ‘do you want it the same as I make for Dave?’ ‘Sure do.’ It tasted divine, my new favourite Margarita that includes Grand Marnier floating on top. They may well be lethal.

At 4:30 we pulled up stumps and headed for the free music at Lafayette Square.

The first band were called Iceman Special, they are pretty good. Their music is described as Swamp Funk. They will also be playing in the second weekend of Jazz Fest.

The main band for the night is Marc Broussard. We sat in for half the set and then headed out. Big day tomorrow with it being the start of Jazz Fest.

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