Day Thirty-Two – May 4th

Woodie of MRB

For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three. Alice Khan

There has been a heavy Thunderstorm overnight. It is still raining when I get up. At eleven o’clock the Jazz Fest people have sent out word that today’s opening will be delayed until 12:30. More depressing news, there is another major Thunderstorm due around 4:00 pm. I made an executive decision (Captain’s call) to not got to the Fest today. My decision was to some degree based on the predicted storm but also to the fact that John Prine would not be closing out the days music in the Blues Tent (due to illness.)

William and I decided to hit the MRB bar around 3pm. The back patio area is packed, however, we managed to snag a couple of seats next to some out of town, young party goers. Three people from Chicago and two from Detroit. They seemed to take a liking to us and insisted on buying drinks for us. Beer for me and William’s favourite tipple, Vodka and diet coke. As the day wore on we were each given a shoe of Jager. On one occasion I went into the bar and a local bar-fly (Byron) thought I was Robert Plant, I guess due to me accent (he thought I was English) and they way I looked? Now, don’t laugh, but this is not the first time I have been asked the same question. If only they heard me sing!

William and I went into the bar to watch the live running of the 145th Kentucky Derby. The race was run in foul weather, pouring rain and a very muddy track. They race on sand for the Derby. The race was won by the favourite, (Maximum Security), but then Maximim Security was controversially disqualified due to interference on the home turn. I read the next day that the President of the United States had nothing better to do whilst running the richest and most powerful country in the world, to Tweet that the Stewards were wrong and the it was Fake News due to Political Correctness gone mad. Is this man fair dinkum? What a moron he is.

William and I wandered back home around 7 pm, both a little worse for wear. And guess what? The predicted second storm did not occur.

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