Put you down under a man they call “Captain Jack” He’ll sure write his name up an’ down your back. —Son House, “Mississippi County Farm,” 1942 (LC)

We are on the road at 8 and today we are pointing the nose of the car toward Farmington, New Mexico.

As we climbed out of Monument Valley we crossed over the famous Forrest Gump Hill which is a long way from Alabama!

Bernie had the T.V. on for a short time last night. He counted 20 shopping stations and 5 religion spruiking stations. Priorities I guess. We have two anniversaries happening today. Our 38-year wedding anniversary and more importantly Bernie’s one-year anniversary of his knee operation. The boys sing Happy Anniversary for us but they will not be booked for a Way Out West gig. We finally found a good radio station, radio Cortez coming out of Colorado. The closest station to PBS and RRR we have heard during this trip.

https://www.ksjd.org/ 90.5 Colarodo

We just heard on the radio that April 13th is also the Last Day of Passover. We are passing a serious mountain range to our far left. Open-range cattle ranching abounds as we take in the scenery. We are headed into a very deep descent and for the first time in days, we have a winding road that takes us over the San Juan River as we come into the township of Mexican Hat. The town is named so because of another unique rock formation this time in the shape of (you guessed it) a Mexican Hat. We turned off the road to get some photos.

Can You Spot an Upside-Down Mexican Hat?

Back on the road and we head toward Bluff. Can you ever get sick of seeing unique rock formations, I would have to say a big no. We make it to Bluff, Utah, and stop for over an hour as we visit the historic Bluff Fort. This is Mormon territory. An older gentleman by the name of George gave us a bit of a history lesson. George told me that his favorite movie is the “Man From Snowy River”, another Mormon I met was from Canada, his son had worked in Darwin (as a missionary). His son brought home a Kangaroo Skin bible for him which is his most prized possession. Well worth the stop and there was no entry fee. I went crazy in the gift shop and I am the owner of a legitimate Racoon Hat and a Navajo Wrist Band. Bernie posted a photo of me blogging in my “coon hat” and it has gone viral. Check out the link to the Bluff Historical Fort it makes for fascinating history.


In the photo above George and Rob

We are now in Colorado and are seeing open grassland and many grazing horses. Straight as die roads now. We turn right as we wanted to have a look at the “Four Corners Monument” which is the designated area where four states meet, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and, Utah. The monument is on Navajo land and it was going to cost us 8 bucks apiece so we gave it a miss.


We drove another 500 meters and were back in Arizona! We are now heading to Teec Nos Pos. A bit further down the road is Shiprock we pulled into a sad-looking Gas Station for some food. Bad idea as the sandwich was terrible, one bite and it was in the bin.

Back on the road and now in New Mexico heading to Farmington which will be our overnight stop. In fact, we drive through Farmington as we want to have a look at some Aztec ruins which just happen to be in the town of Aztec. Oh no, a Trump for 2024 sign is on the side of the road. The Aztec Ruins National Monument is not that far from Farmington, these ruins are listed as a World Heritage site. A lovely elderly lady gave us a bit of information about the site and we then watched a fifteen-minute film to prepare us for the self-guided walk. The first thing we learn is it is not an Aztec ruin but in fact, Pueblo ruins and was built some 900 years ago. When the Spanish came through the area the site was already in ruins and they assumed it was Aztec built. It was well worth the visit, the sight is still visited by the Pueblo people and it is a sacred sight.

Two Old Fossils Become Two Old Ruins

Back on the road and we head back to Farmington. Bernie pointed out that the license plates of New Mexico have a couple of chiles pictured, New Mexico is the Chile capital of the world. Couple that with Cannabis outlets on every second corner it may not be a bad place to live.

Bernie decided before we even left Australia that when we were in Farmington we were going to have dinner at the Outback Steak House to enjoy the double anniversary and we could all enjoy a ‘blooming onion’. Outback Steak House is a franchised company with outlets throughout the county. As can be imagined it is Australian-themed. Let me tell you, the food was excellent and supersized. I will let Hoff explain the dining experience in his blog. However I had to laugh when our waiter could not understand what drink I was ordering, I asked for a hard cider and he thought I said hot cider. Check out the menu, they even have Tim Tams


Another memorable day, tomorrow we head to Santa Fe.

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