Way down South you oughta see the women Shimmy and shake Got a new way a-wiggle, make a weak man break his neck. —Blind Lemon Jefferson, “Southern Woman Blues,” 1928

Bernie and Hoff are taking a walk down to the Gulch and we will meet up with them for lunch in an hour or so. We were in an Uber at 11. David is our driver, a very talkative and friendly man. He loves Kiwis and Aussies and he had us write our names into an exercise book he has in the back set pocket and also leave a message. He also loves to receive Christmas Cards and we are now on his mailing list. It is Monday morning and Broadway’s Honky Tonks are already firing.

Wendy hits one of the many Boots stores, they have a three-for-one deal, and you just pay the price of the most expensive boots. As we leave the store they ring a bell to celebrate the sale.

We decide to try Prince’s Chicken. The first choice was Hattie B’s Hot Chicken but the line was too long even at such an early time. Our Uber driver had recommended Prince’s but warned us not to go above medium heat. Nashville is famous for its Hot Chicken (and I don’t mean hot cooked). I did order medium and Wendy went for mild. Glad I listened to our driver’s advice. It was HOT. Bernie tried a piece and he hyper-ventilated for five minutes.

Tonight (on the recommendation of Brian Wise) we are heading to 3rd. and Lindsley which is a premier music venue. So superior to the Broadway Honky Tonks. There is already a line to get in and we had arrived half an hour early. We are to see The Time Jumpers. An eight-piece band Western Swing band. Drums, two guitars, peddle steel, piano and accordion, and two fiddles. All the guys are incredible musicians and in fact, Grammy Award-winning. We ordered food and Bernie backed up with chile after eating arse-burning hot chicken at lunchtime. The good news also is that they have my new favorite hard cider for sale (Diskin Cider).

I’m not sure Wendy entirely likes the Western Swing music that the Time Jumpers specialize in. She does know however how good they all are as musicians. As well as being ace players they are also very funny. What a great night we all had. Check out the band at:


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