May 2nd. – Day 29

Looks like it is going to be another fine day although the forecast for the next two days is not flash.

William knocked on my door around 10. We are going uptown to  Rousse’s Fresh Food Market. I am going to ‘make groceries’ for Kate’s arrival tomorrow morning.

Groceries ‘made’ and in the trunk of the car. Then a funny thing happened. I went and got in the driver’s side and William at the same time got in the passenger’s side. Once we established that this would not work we made the correct adjustment. William couldn’t stop laughing. 

Noon and I went down to Saint Cecilia for lunch. I ordered the Poutine Po’ Boy – Debris Roast Beef, gravy, fried cheese cubes, dressed on the side with fries. I tried my best but could not eat it all. I wanted a good lunch in preparation for the Crawfish Festival  at Crescent City Brew House starting at 3. I scanned a free magazine while eating. Seems like there is a festival of some sort every weekend in New Orleans and surrounds. The Greek Festival May 12. The mid-city Bayou Boogaloo May 19 -21. Kate would love to be here, June 2nd. For National Doughnut day. The Creole Tomato Festival, June 10-11 are just but a few of the different celebrations around town.

Today’s newspaper has reports of one of the Confederate Monuments (General P.G.T. Beauregard) being vandalized over night.

I got an Uber over to Crescent City Brewhouse at 3. Got my V.I.P pass and I am drinking an IPA Rebirth beer. Last year was the first time this 3 day festival had been run. This year it is in a different location. Two stages are set up. A smaller indoor stage and a much larger outdoor stage. The first band kicked off at 3:30 – Boukou Groove. A real funky band with Big D on guitar. Big D will also be with Jon Cleary’s band later this evening. By the way, for those that do not know the origin of the word funky. It was an African American word from the middle of last century, meaning a smell more directly linked to the smell of sex!

Jennie and Owen are in the house and we hooked up for the rest of the day. The 2nd band up was Alvin Youngblood Hart with Luther Dickinson. We had our first feed of crawfish and settled in to listen to Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentleman. Great set of ‘funky’ music. Owen is smashing the crawfish and had at least 3 pound of the tasty morsels. I then had the honor of meeting the legendary bass player George Porter Jnr.

There are a couple of stalls selling jewelry. I purchased a Crawfish Festival T Shirt and then saw another stall with lots of different spice and gumbo mixes. I asked how much? Free the guy said. I told him of my love of cooking New Orleans style. I thought he would give me one sample. He loaded up two plastic bags of stuff and just said. ‘enjoy.’

We have been drinking a beer that is made with lemon and basil. Sounds weird but tastes great. Lighter that the more hoppy IPA’s and very refreshing  on a warm day. All in all a great day of music, food, brews and good company. We shared an Uber back to town and went our separate ways.

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