Mar 3rd. – Day 30

I am excited as Kate comes in this morning. Pat is picking her up at the airport and she should be here around 9:30. I waited out on the balcony and Pat pulled up with not only Kate but also a surprise as Cara is with her. Great to see them both, especially Cara as she has been away from home since last August.

Once they were settled in we walked down to the Clover Grill for breakfast. Skye, Georgia and Junior joined us. They are predicting heavy storms today. Everyone has decided to go to the World War II museum which is a good idea. Best way to do something and stay dry. I will go back to the apartment and chill out.

The storm cleared around 4 although another heavy storm front is due later this evening. Better today than tomorrow, being the start of the second week of Jazz Fest.

Craig Horne phoned to say the Aussie group he is with will be going to the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for dinner around 7:30. He asked if I knew where it was? Of course I do, been there a number of times over the last few years.

The girls got back around 6ish. The weather has become remarkably cold. Heavy clouds are threatening one again.

We meet up with Craig’s group and Jennie and Owen joined us. All in all there are 20 Aussies in the house. We had only been seated a short while when the heavens opened up once again. Kate and Cara shared a meal. Guess what? Yep, lasagne and fries. I was in charge of collecting the money for the bill payment. I thought I had counted it correctly but the waiter brought our money back and said it was $20 short. I had already spruiked to Junior that old Bankers don’t make mistakes counting money. I counted it gain, I was correct, the waiter is wrong. The waiter apologised and I sighed in relief. 

I walked Kate and Cara back to the apartment. They are very tired as they had to be up at 4 this morning to catch their flight from Orlando to New Orleans. I made sure they were safely home and headed back to Frenchman St. too catch up with Skye, Georgia, Junior, Jennie and Owen for a nightcap. As I walked back there was some very intense lightning and thunder. I just managed to get to Cafe Negril before the heavy rain started once again. The band at Cafe Negril were just so-so so, we madly dashed across the road to the Apple Barrel and enjoyed a couple of nightcaps. I called it a night just after 10, the rain is persistent but not to heavy. Well it wasn’t that heavy. Couple of minutes into the 10 minute walk back home and the rain is torrential and the lightning scarily close. Got back absolutely drenched.

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