Day 16 – April 24th

Another lovely day in the ‘City That Care Forgot’.

The house across the road from us sold recently for 1.9 Mil. The new owner is having a new roof put on. It is interesting to watch the Honduras tradies throwing old tiles off the roof into the dumpster below. The roof itself in very steep. Only one of the guys is wearing a harness and there is no scaffolding.

The WOW crew fly in tonight. Al, Trish, Ian, Jan and Bernie, we will be catching up tomorrow for breakfast.

Cheryl and Peter arrived at 4 and we had a good time catching up.

Down to Dat dog on Frenchman for lunch. Cara has gone over to the Tattoo Parlour (Electric Ladyland) to make a booking for a new tatt, a Fleur Dis Li which is now the Rowe family emblem.

Tonight, we have been invited by Jeff and his wife Pat to visit their home in Marrero (West Bank) and we will then go on to dinner. Jeff is going to make a reservation at a local Cajun diner. We grabbed an Uber for the 20-minute drive which takes us over the Crescent City Connection. The driver is a young guy and he has on a Van der Graaf Generator t-shirt. Well, that t-shirt was a conversation starter and I think he was surprised when I told him I was a fan. We talked Prog Rock for the rest of the journey.

Jeff and Pat live in a newish estate that backs onto a natural wooded area. They have a lovely home and it was special to be invited in as friends. We talked for maybe half an hour. They told us of all the different critters that wander into their backyard. Snakes, deer and pesky armadillos that dig up the garden.

Jeff drove us about 15 minutes to a local diner Lil’ G’s Kajun Restaurant. I ordered (a half) seafood muffuletta and ate for half an hour and still could not finish it. Not sure how anyone could possibly eat a full one. I also had a couple of deep-fried frog legs. They tasted good.

Jeff drove us home around 10. It was a lovely night with very nice people. Jeff said he will be working the Lagniappe (lan-yap) Stage at Jazz Fest and he said to come and say hi.

We also got news that the WOW crew have hit NOLA.

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