Big Sam Williams @ Lafayette Square

Day 17 – April 25th

Got word via Facebook that the ANZAC Dawn Service went well. Big congratulations to all involved especially Bob Pearman and Ernie Poole.

We were all awake early. I am talking 7 AM here. There is a team of guys right out front digging up the Street to lay fibre-optic cables. The work will be ongoing all day.

Word through from the WOW travellers, they are up and about. I gave them the address of Ruby Slipper’s on Burgundy Street in the Marigny.

We had a nice breakfast and have decided to have a walk around the Quarter. I showed the guys Frenchman Street and the Louisiana Music Factory and then on to the French Market.

We then took a walk along the Mississippi. The time was getting close to beer o’clock, so I directed the crew over to the Voodoo Garden at the House of Blues.

After a couple of rehydrating ales, we headed back to Decatur so as Ian and Jan could buy a U.S. SIM card. The rest of us went to the Crescent City Brew House also on Decatur where a Jazz Trio is playing. All the beer available is brewed right here on the premises

Al got a little adventurous and he ordered a dozen freshly shucked oysters with horseradish and ketchup on the side for me and him to share. I should have warned Al that the ersters (that’s local speak for Oysters) in these here parts are twice the size of those back home. He sure struggled to eat his share, me I could have eaten them all by myself.

Tonight, being Wednesday and free music night at Lafayette Square was the obvious place to take the crew. Two bands being the Deslondes and then Big Sam’s Funky Nation. Pat came over after work. Ross Bardin (another WOW member) caught up with us. Wendy came back from getting some food and said she ran into Brian Wise (RRR). I went over and had a chat with Brian. The music is great, but the newly arrived WOW crew are looking worn. We parted ways with plans to catch up again.

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