Day 18 – April 26th

It will be a rest day today. We have had a few big days and tomorrow being the first day of Jazz Fest we want to be ready.

Well, it is going to be a rest day for me but not the girls they have gone out shopping (again)!

Wendy had brought her eyeglass prescription with her and was advised to try a place on Decatur called Krewe. She found a style she liked, and her prescription has now been filled for a less price than possible back home.

I went on down to the Market for a favourite beverage (and non-alcoholic). A Tropical Smoothie and muffin was nearly a healthy breakfast.

Cheryl has officially made us members of her Dac and Crowe Krewe. Cheryl and her friends have been coming down to New Orleans for Jazz Fest for over twenty years. A t-shirt is commissioned for each year. We are now members of a select Krewe of friends.

The WOW Crew have been out exploring City Park and will not be down in the Quarter tonight.

We decided on an early dinner at a little restaurant a few minutes from us. It is called Mona Lisa and you could safely assume from the name that it is Italian. The place is decorated with all styles of Mona Lisa pictures from a copy of the original to a dope smoking Mona. Very interesting. Wendy and Kate came here a few years back. The food is good and at a reasonable price. I had Spaghetti Alfredo with Veal. Check out the website to see what I mean about the Mona Lisa drawings/paintings


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