Day 33 – May 5th

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Without music, life would be a mistake. Friedrich Nietsche

I have been coughing and spluttering all night. I think the ghost from the other night has given me a cold. Great, a cold for the flight back home. That’s gunna be fun.

I got out to the festival around noon. I started the festival with a Yaka Mein and I am finishing off with a Yaka Mein for the last day as well

I mentioned in an earlier post that the 50th anniversary t-shirt I fancied had sold-out. I checked back at one of the merchandise stalls on the off-chance that they may have restocked. They have, and I have another t-shirt to add to the small collection I have back home. There is a large marquee at the festival that sells live recording of many of the artists performances over the years (including this year). I knew that Los Lobos had been recorded the other day and so I picked myself up a copy of their set.

I went over to Gentilly to watch *Jon Cleary and his Absolute Monster Gentleman. Jon and band always put on a first class show The weather is bearable, a little overcast with a cooling breeze every now and then. Looks like today is going to be busy (punter wise) the track around the Gentilly stage is already packed with seats. To be honest I feel pretty crook, as the cold takes hold, I am determined to hang in as long as I can for this last day of music in New Orleans, before I head home on Wednesday.

*’Since moving over from the UK in the 80’s, Cleary has earned a place in the front-line of New Orleans blues singers and keyboardists. He won a Grammy Award for his CD GoGo Juice. At the 2018 Best of the Beat awards, Jon Cleary was named Songwriter of the year and Best Pianist.’ – Offbeat Jazz Bible

Next on the bill, and again on Gentilly, is *Little Feat. They started about 10 minutes late, which is frustrating as they can’t make up time at the end. It would not be fair on other artists.. The played a number of hits including, ‘Oh Atlanta’, ‘Fat Man In The Bathtub’, ‘Dixie Chicken’ (with guest Popa John Gros), and ‘Feats Don’t Fail Me Now’. I enjoyed the set but I thought they lacked some punch and jammed too long on their songs. Still I am glad I saw them again. It had been a while. The early 70’s at Festival Hall from (hazy) memory.

*Formed by the late Lowell George just after Frank Zappa sacked him for drug use, Little Feat had some of the most fluid jams and quirkiest songwriting in the 70’s. All four living members of the classic line-up are still aboard (they’ve lost Lowell George and drummer Richie Hayward), having shed a couple of later-day singers they’re are largely back to the vintage sound and material.’ – Offbeat Jazz Bible

I may get castigated, but I headed home at 5pm after Little Feat. I wanted to stay at Gentilly for John Fogarty and then some of Buddy Guy at the Blues Tent, to round out the 2019 Jazz Fest. I just feel to sick to stay. Another Jazz Fest under the belt. It has been good even with all the disappointments of the changes to the original line-up announcement. Maybe I will be back next year, I know Wendy is keen, my health is giving me the shits. I am just so God damn tired all the time.

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